Many Roseville, CA homeowners have likely had the experience of walking through their yards to find shingles appearing on their lawns. This, of course, is a frustrating sight, but why do your roof’s shingles end up scattered throughout your yard?

Poor Materials and Manufacturing

Without the proper materials, your building’s roof will naturally experience issues. Some people make the grave mistake of using lower-grade shingles. This, though, is not a cost-effective solution in the long term. These low-quality shingles wear out sooner and have a harder time staying secured to your roof. Opting for high-grade shingles instead is a wise decision.

Installation Errors

Even if the right materials are in place, there can still be workmanship problems during the shingle installation process that manifest in detached shingles later. For a roof’s shingles to have true longevity, the roofers must lay, seal, and nail them correctly.

If they instead make easily avoidable mistakes while installing your home’s shingles, then this can lead to vulnerabilities, especially when the wind starts to increase. From improper sealing and bad nailing patterns to simple misalignment issues, a wide array of shingle installation mistakes can result in you finding shingles all over your property instead of being secured to the roof.

Age and Weather

The lifespan of your property’s shingles is a finite one, of course. One of the risks of aging shingles is that they become less and less resilient to weather. This, in turn, makes your shingles increasingly likely to fall off. One factor that accelerates a shingle’s aging process is thermal cycling. In this process, temperature changes lead to shingles expanding and contracting over time.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is another factor that strongly influences how long your house’s shingles last. If your home’s attic is not ventilated properly, the attic, and consequently the roof, will be extremely hot. This can lead to a breakdown in the shingles’ adhesive. A poorly ventilated attic also creates issues such as ice damming and moisture buildup. While attic ventilation clearly matters for shingle health, it is unfortunately overlooked by many homeowners.

Regular Roof Maintenance

Neglecting routine maintenance needs is another very common catalyst for shingles becoming less effective and ending up on the lawn. Regular cleaning and inspections will help preserve your shingles.

Solutions and Preventative Measures

Installation, materials, inspections, and maintenance are all key factors in ensuring that your home’s shingles last as long as possible. Whether it’s maintaining your attic’s ventilation or making sure that the roofers you employ follow all of the manufacturer’s guidelines, there are many ways that you can prevent widespread shingle loss in the future.

Installation Technique

Hiring roofers with great attention to detail is the first step in stopping shingle loss. A shingle’s manufacturer will typically recommend a few optimal nailing techniques. These nailing techniques give the installation a better chance of success. From nail depth to nail placement, shingle manufacturers are usually quite thorough in this area. Our roofers are trained to pay attention to the designated nailing zones and techniques, which will also go a long way toward diminishing the likelihood of shingle loss.

Investing in Balanced Attic Ventilation

Another key investment you can make to ensure the durability of your building’s roof and its lifespan is properly balanced attic ventilation. When this is present, it will optimize the airflow in that area of your building. That, in turn, stops both humidity and temperature from causing your roof’s various parts to degrade.

Roof Inspections

Yet another action that local homeowners can take to stop shingle loss is to make sure their home’s roof is inspected regularly. Preventative maintenance is typically far more cost-effective than repairs or replacements. For this reason, getting roof inspections done consistently will allow you and your trusted roofer to intervene if any issue could compromise the effectiveness or adhesion of your roof’s shingles.

One of the most important times to schedule roof inspections is immediately after storms or other severe weather conditions. Wear, lifting, and misalignment are all examples of issues that a thorough roof inspection will detect.

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