No homeowner should ever underestimate the importance of their roof. It protects your home and family from rain, wind, snow, falling debris, and more. However, all roofs eventually need to be replaced no matter how well they’ve been maintained. The average lifespan of a roof is between 25 and 30 years, but various factors affect the true estimated lifespan, such as water leaks, mold, and storm damage. It’s vital to know the early warning signs of roof failure before it becomes a dangerous and costly issue. Here are the five most significant signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

1. Sagging

One of the most obvious and concerning signs that your roof will need to be replaced soon is sagging. When the trusses start to fail due to rot, cracking or age, the roof will sag in the middle. A sagging roof is very dangerous, especially in winter when heavy snow and ice could quickly cause a massive collapse. If you notice even subtle signs of sagging in your roof, call a professional roofer to evaluate the extent of the damage and to replace the roof if necessary.

2. Dark Spots

If you notice dark spots on your roof, that’s commonly a sign of severe water damage and mold. The water damage itself is concerning enough to consider replacing your roof, but other underlying issues may have led to the water damage.

Broken, cracked, or peeling shingles; water pooling in areas due to subtle sagging; broken flashing; and more can lead to water leaks that cause rot and mold within the roof. You will need to contact a professional to both evaluate the water damage and to determine the cause of the leak. If the damage is widespread and severe, replacement may be the best option.

3. Granules in the Gutters

A lot of grime, leaves, bugs, and debris can clog up your gutters, but finding small black granules in your gutters is usually indicative of a bigger issue with your roof. When your shingles reach a point of severe deterioration, small granules begin to break off. The wind or rain then sends these granules into the gutters.

Deteriorating shingles is a strong sign that your roof needs to be replaced soon, but losing the granules is a particularly concerning symptom. Shingles are made by combining plates of tar with a coating of shiny granules that reflect UV rays. These granules help moderate temperatures, make the shingles fire-resistant, and improve their durability. Without the granules, shingles lose a lot of their protection capabilities, leaving your roof vulnerable to severe damage. Your roof may simply need to be shingled again, but roofs with such badly deteriorated shingles are usually so old that they need replacement.

4. Moss Buildup

It’s common to believe that moss buildup on a roof isn’t a serious issue. At most, moss is seen as just an aesthetic problem that can easily be fixed by having a professional roofer scrape or brush it off. However, moss buildup both indicates a severe issue and causes damage itself.

Moss needs moisture and a lack of sunlight to grow, which may indicate that there’s severe water damage in your roof. Moss also retains moisture and spreads quickly, which causes further water damage. If you notice moss buildup on your roof, call a professional roofer as soon as possible to evaluate the extent of any possible water damage and determine if your roof needs replacement.

5. Leaks

There is no warning sign of a failing roof more noticeable than leaks. While leaks may be just an annoyance during rain showers to some people, it’s a severe problem that requires immediate attention.

Recurring and severe leaking issues are a result of failing parts in your roof due to age, rot, or damage. While a leak or two can be patched up temporarily, a full roof replacement is very likely soon for any roof experiencing leaking issues.

If you suspect your roof may be failing and in need of replacement, our skilled and experienced roofers at Clark's Gables Roofing will provide you with safe, fast, and high-quality work. In addition to roof replacements, we also offer roof repairs, inspections, custom roof designing, shingles, tiling, and more. For additional information on any of the services we provide to the areas in and around Roseville, California, contact us at Clark's Gables Roofing today.

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