Over time, a new roof can begin to appear faded, which could lead to your home’s curb appeal being negatively affected and your roof deteriorating in quality. If you want to refresh your roof’s appearance and improve its protective characteristics, the right coat of paint offers several benefits that may increase its longevity.

Difference Between Roof Paint and Roof Coatings

A roof coating is a type of protective sealant that provides your home with a protective layer against hazardous weather and other issues. Roof paints add color and a specialized chemical balance to help protect your roof from the elements and reduce energy costs. Coatings are around 10-20 times thicker when compared to traditional roof paints, which is why a coating looks like a thick film.

Roof paint is a thin layer designed to change the roof’s appearance and provide a small amount of added protection. However, it doesn’t necessarily protect the top from harsher elements. While these two substances have a similar appearance, they have different functions. Remember that paint fades, especially brighter colors, and must be reapplied every five to seven years.

Which Roofing Materials Best Accommodate Paint?

If you want to provide more protection for your roof, the correct type of paint must be paired with a suitable material. For instance, colors used on metal roofs should consist of a titanium dioxide base, which improves the protection that the metal receives from the elements. Suppose the oil-based or acrylic latex paint is followed up with a polyurethane or silicone sealant. In that case, the color and materials underneath will last for longer against rain and sunlight.

Asphalt roof shingles can be painted with acrylic latex paint. However, the paint must be explicitly formulated for asphalt shingles. When it comes to concrete roof tiles, an acrylic paint designed for concrete is most effective—this type of paint bonds directly with the roof tiles. Since concrete is porous, a roofing contractor may apply several layers of paint as well as a roof sealant to maintain the roof’s appearance.

If you have a wood roof on your home, a coat of paint should only be applied if the top isn’t already stained. The presence of wood stains may prevent paint from adhering to the materials. In addition, since wood absorbs color quickly, roofing contractors usually apply primers before providing a coat of paint.

Protection Provided by Roof Paint

While there are a few reasons why homeowners choose to paint their roofs, adding a new coat of paint allows you to protect your roof and extend its lifespan. There are several ways that paint offers more protection.

Lengthens the Roof’s Lifespan

When a roofing contractor adequately prepares the roof for the paint and applies the correct type of paint, adding a new coat of paint and sealant may protect roof tiles and shingles from the elements. While this protection is temporary, it should allow your roof to last longer.

Offers UV Protection

Certain paints can improve a roof’s protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, usually bright white paint. When a roof has no protection from UV rays, the materials will begin to fade and crack. Once a coat or two of this paint is applied, the roof will absorb less heat, which may result in a reduced workload for your HVAC system when the temperatures are hot.

Applying a roof coating to a layer or two of paint should reduce the repairs and maintenance required by your roof. Along with protecting the paint you add to your top, a roof coating can keep leaks at bay and protect your roof from the damage that substantial ice, snow, and rain can cause.

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