When properly maintained, an asphalt shingle roof will last for about two decades. Of course, even when properly maintained, it may still encounter water, pest or other types of damage throughout its useful life. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to determine if your roof needs to be completely replaced or can simply be repaired.

Is the Damage Widespread?

If the damage to your roof is contained to a small area, it may be possible to simply repair the impacted area. For instance, if you notice that a few shingles have blown off of the roof, you can likely get away with putting new ones on. However, if you notice that half the shingles on the roof are missing, it may be best to simply replace the entire thing. This may be especially true if you notice mold, mildew or other issues along with missing shingles.

The folks at Clark's Gables Roofing in Roseville, CA will be happy to take a look at your roof to determine the true extent of any damage done. In some cases, you won’t be able to see signs of water or other issues just by looking at the roof from your driveway or backyard. Instead, you’ll need someone to actually inspect it up close before deciding how to proceed. Fortunately, our team can help with both roof repairs and full roof replacements in a timely and affordable manner.

Will the Repair Extend the Roof’s Useful Life?

In many cases, making a repair will be less expensive than a full roof replacement. However, there are times in which making a repair won’t meaningfully extend the useful life of the roof. For instance, replacing shingles on a roof that’s been on the house for two decades might only buy you an extra year or two before they all have to be replaced.

It may also be better to opt for a full repair if your current roof is constantly in need of repairs. This is because over the course of several years, a new roof may actually be less expensive than one that is constantly defective. In addition to saving money, you’ll also save the time and hassle that comes with having to schedule multiple service calls. Finally, you’ll also avoid the stress that comes with wondering if the roof is going to drip water whenever it rains or if shingles will come loose during a minor wind event.

You Want to Make a Change

While the asphalt shingles currently on your roof may be working fine, you may decide that you really want a metal or tile roof instead. Therefore, the next time that your roof needs maintenance, you may decide to replace it as opposed to repairing the issue at hand. It’s worth noting that metal or tile roofs can be significantly heavier than a traditional shingle roof, which means that your home may need to be remodeled to handle it. Of course, there are also shingles available that look like slate, tile or other materials without the added weight or cost of the real thing.

The Age of the Roof Matters

Replacing an aging roof may be a good idea even if you could get away with making minor repairs. This is because failing to replace a roof that has met or exceeded its useful life could be seen as a form of homeowner negligence. Therefore, if water starts pouring into your kitchen because of a leak, your insurance company may deny the claim citing the age and disrepair of the roof.

The same might be true if insects ate into rotting wood decking and eventually found their way into your home. Finally, an aging roof can be considered an eyesore by your neighbors and bring down property values in the area. Ultimately, replacing the roof can help to both minimize the risk of further damaging your home and leaving yourself vulnerable to paying the cost of that damage.

If you are in need of roof repair or roof replacement services, don’t hesitate to give Clark's Gables Roofing a call today! In addition to shingles, we can also help install or repair tile roofs as well as design a new roof that fits your needs and budget.

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